Our Story


The Rathgeber family has a proud history and tradition of farming the hills and valleys of Southern Indiana. In 1891,  William Rathgeber and family emigrated from Germany to a sixty-acre farm just outside of Evansville, Indiana. For four generations, the Rathgeber family tended that land which grew a wide variety of market vegetables. As it was typical of the time, the family farm subsisted on local sales and vending at the nearby farmers’ markets. In 1986, the Rathgeber family relocated just North of Odon, and 10 years later acquired the land where Dustin’s organic farm currently resides.

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As a child, Dustin Rathgeber picked up a deep curiosity for and understanding of the land and was introduced to the conventional farming methods passed down from his Pawpaw Curtis, his father and uncles. Later, as a young man, Dustin moved just outside of Indianapolis to pursue a career in millwork (his most notable work is located on the grounds of the IU Cancer Center, The Greene County Courthouse, The Presidential Suites in the JW Marriot, and the Downtown Indianapolis Library). Following the death of his grandmother in 2014, Dustin decided to return home to Odon, spend time with his grandfather, and start a small organic agribusiness as a means to preserve his family’s proud legacy.

Situated atop a hillside in northern Daviess County, lies over 8 acres of farmland where the vegetables are nestled among many acres of native habitat.  Rathgebers’ Garten offers a wide range of beautiful, organic vegetables priced affordably so as to be accessible for people in the community who many not otherwise be able to afford these necessary foods. 

From artichokes to zucchini, Rathgebers’ Garten grows over 50 different varieties of organic produce.  Additionally, Dustin offers fresh/cage free brown eggs and golden flows of pure raw honey harvested from one of his many beehives. The unique exquisite flavors of the Rathgebers' Farm honey can be attributed to the help from the many flowering vegetables and vast expanses of clover and wildflowers throughout the farm.

Much in the tradition of his great-grandparents, Dustin’s farm endures from support of the local community and nearby farmers’ markets. Rathgebers’ Garten vegetables can be found at the Linton and Bloomfield Farmers’ Markets and every so often on the menu of Cardinal Spirits craft distillery.