Growing Connectedness

So this is cool.. Take a look at the picture below. 


At first glance it appears like a cute painting of a Farmers' Market stand circa 1950.

But if you take a closer look under the Farmer's Market sign you can make out another smaller sign saying "CJ Rathgeber!" Yup! This adorable mid- twentieth century painting isn't a painting of JUST ANY farmer's market stand, it is a painting of Dustin's Grandfather Carl's stand in Evansville almost 80 years ago! 


This scale (pictured: left) who appears in the upper left-hand corner of the painting is still at the farm, and could possibly be utilized at Dustin's stand at the Linton Farmers' Market (shout out to all the Antique's Roadshow Fans whom the word 'provenance' just came to mind)! Granted, the scale hasn't been approved for use from the Weights and Measures Department in like 76 years; which is to say it would be more of a decorative than a functional element.. But still... 

As Dustin and I are eagerly (err.. frantically) preparing for our biggest CSA and Farmers' Market season; it is comforting to think about generations before us anxiously awaiting the growing season and wishing for advantageous growing conditions too.

Maybe I am grasping at straws, but the feeling of a greater sense of shared humanity with generations before us is a new and surprising way that connectedness permeates the work that Rathgebers' Garten does. I think I can speak for Dustin as well as myself when I say that connectedness is not just a value of our up-and-coming agribusiness, but it is the foundation for the work that we are doing and what makes the long days and the stress of starting something new worthwhile.  

Speaking of starts; here is an updated pic of the greenhouse for your viewing pleasure. As you can see, Dustin has moved the tarp back to accommodate all the seedlings and they are getting BIG! I don't know about you-- but I can't wait to eat them!


Our greenhaus is like whoa. 

Our greenhaus is like whoa.